Benefits of Hospital Shoe Covers as PPE

Every medical care facility needs to take measures that ensure the protection of both its patients and care providers. One such step is the use of disposable shoe covers within the hospital vicinity. Often blue in color, shoe covers are an essential component of personal protective equipment used in various hospital settings. 

Shoe covers are elastic slip-on coverings that can easily fit a variety of shoe styles and sizes. While shoe covers have multiple benefits, they mainly act as a double-edged sword as they prevent the cross-contamination of infections among the staff and patients occurring on the hospital floor. 

Benefits of Shoe Covers 

While every one out of thirty patients in the hospital get infected because of being in a hospital, wearing shoe covers surely reduces the spread of cross-infections among patients and staff. Here are 3 main benefits of using protective shoe covers in hospitals. 

Prevents Floor Contamination With Infections 

Your staff entering the hospital may bring a lot of dirt and germs stuck with their shoes from their way to the hospital. The same is the case for patients who tend to be more negligent in this regard. This puts the floor at a massive risk of getting contaminated with germs. 

These germs can spread to other individuals making them infected. Shoe covers prevent the contamination of the floor with infectious pathogens, which otherwise can impair the sterility of hospital flooring. That’s why protective shoe covers are mandatory both for staff and patients in operation and emergency rooms. 

Protects Staff/Patients From Getting Infected. 

Once contaminated, many pathogens can live on the floor surface for a few days, exposing the people who walk over without shoe covers to a higher risk of getting infected. As people can simply throw shoe covers when leaving the clinic vicinity, hospital shoe covers reduce the likelihood of them carrying hospital germs toward their homes. 

Improves Patient Satisfaction 

Patients visit your clinic to get well and healthy. They appreciate your attention to detail and the high level of professional care shown by care providers who chose to wear disposable shoe covers. It shows them that you are heavily invested in the well-being and safety of your patients.  

Quality Features Of Shoe Covers

Shoe covers have more to do than keeping the floor clean and preventing the spread of infections in hospitals. Make sure that shoe covers you buy for your hospital have the following features:

  • Easy to slip in and slip out
  • Secure and flexible elastic band around the ankle to prevent slipping
  • Made of breathable and durable fabric that won’t snag, 
  • Non-slip and sturdy soles to reduce the risk of falls 

How Health Supply Wholesalers Can Help You?

At Health Supply Wholesalers, we provide top-quality personal protective equipment for hospitals at reasonable wholesale prices across multiple states. Buying wholesale shoe covers and other PPE lets you improve the safety and protection of your staff and patients  at a minimal cost. Just place your order for wholesale shoe covers and take your hospital’s cleanliness to the next level. 

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