Benefits of Hospital Sneeze Guards

Medical sneeze guards are a no-brainer for every hospital and clinical facility. They shield your staff and patient from cross-contamination of infections each day. It also shows how much you are invested in the safety of your patients and employees. 

Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, when hospital safety precautions are being re-evaluated, hospital sneeze guards are mandatory to control the spread of infections via air droplets.

What Are Sneeze Guards?

Sneeze guards are transparent acrylic or plexiglass shields used as barriers between two people or objects. They protect patients and your staff from respiratory droplets ejected by sneezing, coughing, and breathing. As microbes from coughs and sneezes can travel at 50+ mph and reproduce into more than 8 million within a day, medical sneeze guards are crucial for every health facility. 

How Do Sneeze Guards Work?

Just like a face mask, a sneeze guard helps protect your patients and facility staff from getting each other’s infection. For example, suppose a patient collecting his medicines at your pharmacy were to sneeze or cough in the direction of the pharmacist who happened to be on the other side of the barrier. In that case, the chances are the sneeze shield will catch most of the air droplets, hence reducing the transmission. 

On the other hand, if there were no sneezing guards at the pharmacy, reception, or in the exam rooms and the person was sneezing or coughing, there is every chance that airborne droplets from sneezing or coughing would have contaminated any person or object in their path.

Benefits of Sneeze Guards

Hospital sneeze barriers can serve multiple benefits in a medical care facility. They give a visual social distancing reminder to keep other people’s physical space. They also act as a shield where social distancing may not be possible. Since medical sneeze guards are transparent and clear, they do not affect communication between your staff and patients, making them a great protective shield at reception, pharmacy, and exam rooms. 

A classic study published in Journal of Environmental Health analyzed the effectiveness of counter guards (commonly known as sneeze guards) in preventing infection spread. It showed a 1.5 times higher chance of infection spread if no sneeze guards are implanted on the counter. On the other hand, if you plant protective sneeze shields at reception, pharmacy, and other similar places of your hospital,  you cut the risk of your employees getting by half. 

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